In 1994 Mr. Hamid Mohtashami who was that time vice president of Iran Taekwondo Federation, with cooperation of some of the coaches and Iran Taekwondo experienced specially Master Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour presented a suggestion to President of Iran Taekwondo Federation based on establishing an organization with the name of Iran Taekwon-Do Union in order to develop Taekwon-Do without depending upon government budget. This suggestion was agreed by the federation's president that in addition to operation authority for this union, in an official letter with commission article 10 of political party consisting of the representatives of legislative power, judiciary and government applied for operation license from Taekwondo federation. After detailed considerations at the end of 2001 the operation license of Iran Taekwon-Do Union was issued.
This union that is a nongovernmental organization during recent years held different coach, umpire and promotion courses and several championships in different age ranks and also dispatched many teams to international tournaments that led to gaining many champion titles. This union instructed many world champions and country's first grade coaches. One of the most important achievement of this union is dispatching of the first Iran women Taekwon-Do team to U.S World Championship and gaining the first bronze medal of Iran women team in Taekwon-Do that break the prohibition of Iran woman Taekwon-Do participation in the international championships that so far has no record in Iran Taekwon-Do history and had high reflection in the world medias. 
In the progress of this union master Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour, one of the founders and the first president of this union, carried valuable services and supports.
Master Asgarpour, the president of Iran Taekwon-Do Union, met the late General Choi, the father of world Taekwon-Do and president of International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), in Canada in 2000 and received his agreement for operating ITF in Iran. The first international instructor course was held in Iran with 70 coaches and the attendance of the late Grand Master Tran, president of International Taekwon-Do Federation in 2005.
At the present this union has active agents throughout Iran. Additionally some of this union's first grade coaches are training abroad.