Founder and Former president of Iran Taekwon-Do Union
Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpoure was born in Tehran in 1964. He started Taekwon-Do under the supervision of the late master Fakouri in 1978 and is from Iran champions. He was active as a coach after champions' era and some of his students were the country's champions and member of Taekwon-Do National team who honored champion titles in Asia and International and world championships among them is Alireza Mehrabi.
Besides coaching, Asgarpoure was active as a successful referee and trained coaches of Taekwon-Do Federation. He was a member of Taekwondo Federation's board of directors and in that time with a help of other coaches established Iran Taekwon-Do Union.
Once he candidate for presidency of Taekwon-Do Federation that obstruction of Physical Education Organization, prevented him from participating in the Taekwon-Do Federation's presidency's election.
Asgarpoure has done many activities in the field of Taekwon-Do, theoretically and practically.
At present he is from Taekwon-Do experienced and has black belt 7th Dan.
He succeeded to meet the father and founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi, in Canada, 2000.
Beside Taekwon-Do, Asgarpoure is graduated in Cinema field and is from Cinema and television's famous directors in Iran.
At present he is also the chief of Iran Cinema House.
Iran Taekwon-Do Union is always indebted to Mr. Asgarpoure's efforts.
Hamid Mohtashami
President & Founder
He was born in 1965 and started Taekwon-Do when he was 12 years old. He also worked in wrestling which is the first field of Iran’s sport. He was been invited for Asian Championship in Seoul as a member of Iran Taekwon-Do national team in 1983. He got his International Taekwon-Do Coaching Certification in 1994 and he has Dan 6. He was graduated of scenario writing from one of the institutes of Tehran University. Up to now, he has written several scenarios and stories.
Beside his main position as the president of Iran Taekwon-Do Union, he is chairman of one of the famous Artistic institutes which works on producing short and documental films and other cultural and artistic affairs.
He was one of the fastest Taekwon-Do players and is professional both in ITF and WTF styles and now he continues his
practices besides training Taekwon-Do. He trained many good students who are now working as coach in Iran, Austria, Sweden, Canada and etc.