Brief Story of Takht

Eternal Hero of Iran

In our country (Iran) great athletes who had had moral characteristics and have done very great deeds in addition of their physical power are called Hero and Takhti is the eternal hero of Iran. Takhti was a great man and even at present many people who had known or even seen him appreciate him. Many people believe that a champion like Takhti won’t bear anymore. Golamreza Takhti was born at 1309 (1930) at sough of Tehran (Capital of Iran). He lost his father when he was child and had grown up in a religious and poor family. He had started wrestling from Poolad club. Once he had narrated that he was failing to his competitors at first and he became disappointed to continue his practices. When he had participated at wrestling Championship for the first time he had became nock out but he had started his practicing seriously until he became one of the members of National Team.
The titles of Takhati are:
1962 Tolido – U.S.A World Cup Silver
1961 YokohamaJapan World Championship Gold
1960 RomeItaly Olympic games Silver
1959 Tehran-Iran World Championship Gold
1958 Sofija – Bulgaria World Championship Silver
1958 TokyoJapan Asian Championship Gold
1956 Melbourne- Australia Olympic games Gold
1954 WarsawPoland World Festival Championship Silver
1952Helsinki- Finland Olympic games Silver
Takhti was very popular in Iran and whenever he had entered to the clubs all of the spectators had stood up and athletes had stopped their practicing and clapped for him. He was treated with anger of Iran's former government because of his democratic manner and he was opposed to aristocracy and he had wanted the government to distribute treasures between common people equally and in 1979 he was killed in Atlantic Hotel suspiciously. His shrin is in Ebne - Bavieh in the sought of Tehran.  
  Some Memoirs about Takhti
In 1340 (1961) a terrible earthquake had occurred in west of Iran ( Boein Zahra) and many people were killed and many houses were demolished. Takhti had touched deeply and he has started to walk in one of the biggest streets of Iran and requested people to assist victims. Thousands of people had presented their money and other contributions and many of the other champions also followed him but government officials stopped him.
In Moscow when he overcame his opponent Anatoli Albol (The champion of wrestling) takhti told Anabol's mother: “I'm sorry about the result, your son is a great wrestler.” Albol's mother smiled and kissed his face.
Although it was a brief story of his life but there are many things about his life and his name, memory and deeds will last forever. He was, is and will the great man of Iran.  
You will be eternal man of legends
Time won’t forget your events
You live in warm hearts of people

They call you at every moment