سهمیه غیرقانونی تحصیلی پولادگر

European Taekwon-Do Championship - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - October 2019

مسابقات قهرمانی تکواندو اروپا –سارایوو، بوسنی هرزگوین- اکتبر 2019

ITF معرفی استاد حسن کاظمی راد بعنوان رییس کمیته مسابقات تکواندو

گزارش اولین دوره مسابقات تکواندو در رده خردسالان و نونهالان و نوجوانان

The report of the first Taekwon-Do Competition in the category of minors, juniors and teenagers.

World cup 2019

Taekwon-Do world cup was held in 22nd to 28th 2019 in Inzell ,Germany.

World congress ITF was held on 28th of April 2019 in Inzell ,Germany

مجموعه ورزشی ونک ITF مرکز تکواندو

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Dedication and Commitment are what transfer Dreams into Realities.

"If to be - to be only the best"

Katya Solovey (Ukraine) ITF Competitor, Multiple World & European Champion


"An internal Journey to Modify the Exterior"

GM Pablo Trajtenberg IX Degree ITF President

Who is a master?

MASTER [mas-ter, mah-ster] Definition: Having or showing very great skill or proficiency

Annual ITF comunications committee meeting in Rome.

Mr Stephen Ryan and Mr Paco Ferrando, with the ITF Director GM Wim Bos

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